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On this site, you will find everything our team has published so far on the topic of financial market regulation in Switzerland.

Our Team

Our experts are here for you if you have any questions with respect to financial market regulation in Switzerland. Please contact one of the below partners or your usual Homburger contact.

Benedikt Maurenbrecher, Partner, Team-Head
Jürg Frick, Partner
Hansjürg Appenzeller, Partner
René Bösch, Partner
Daniel Haeberli, Partner
Katrin Ivell, Partner
Stefan Kramer, Partner
Benjamin Leisinger, Partner

New legislation with a history

Homburger was closely involved in the shaping of the new architecture of the Swiss financial market regulation. We contributed to the crafting of the new legislation, commented on drafts of new laws and ordinances, and actively promoted such legislation nationally and internationally. We also acted as first mover publishers on explanatory notes and articles as well as editors and authors in commentaries.

Very specifically we actively participated in the design, drafting and implementation of the new Swiss prospectus law established by the Swiss Financial Services Act of June 15, 2018. A team, led by René Bösch and Benjamin Leisinger, started already in 2013 with the initial work on the Act, lead an industry-wide consultation on the prospectus law provisions in 2014 that had a significant impact on the final version of the Act, and René BöschBenjamin Leisinger and Daniel Haeberli supported the legislative process in the Federal Parliament by heading expert groups in charge of drafting the implementing ordinance in coordination with the Swiss government. Finally, we fostered discussions and cohesion among the leading underwriters and issuers active in the Swiss market as to the implementation of new processes and forms of prospectuses etc. for equity and debt instruments as well as structured products.

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