Crisis Management

No company is safe from unforeseeable events that could seriously affect its objectives, reputation and financial situation. Crises can arise in various forms, through employee misconduct, technical failures, sudden economic downturns, fraud, government action or leaks. Our Crisis Management Team provides immediate assistance and develops comprehensive strategies to manage crises.

The first hours after the crisis breaks are crucial. Speed, efficiency and experience are key at this stage. This is when we provide assistance and quickly deliver “first aid”. We:

  • Support the company’s leadership with pivotal assistance at the outbreak of a crisis and bring extensive experience and an outside perspective to the table.
  • Take prompt legal measures to protect the company.
  • Quickly establish the key facts, including through the use of our e-discovery tools and infrastructure.
  • Establish proper project governance for dealing with the crisis.
  • Assist with responding to immediate demands from regulatory authorities .
  • Deal with questions of disclosure.
  • Assist with internal and external communication, bringing prompt legal action against (social) media and other channels to protect the company’s reputation.
  • Resolve employment issues, including any suspensions and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Retain, and coordinate with, legal counsel of members of the management and employees.

In a second phase it is key to develop and pursue a long-term strategy to handle and resolve the crisis as promptly and efficiently as possible. Each case is unique and requires a bespoke response. We have a track record of taking a holistic view of the situation:

  • Due to our extensive board room experience, we are familiar with the needs and duties of the senior leadership.
  • We know the challenges of parallel criminal, civil and regulatory proceedings.
  • We support the company with developing or adjusting contingency plans.
  • We understand the temporal dimension of crises and its implications on the resolution of the matter.
  • We develop and implement plans for resolving cases with a large number of parties bringing civil claims.
  • We anticipate the flow of information in crisis situations and its significance for the resolution of the case.

We assist the firm in its “lessons learned” process, upgrading its compliance framework and taking remedial measures, including necessary disciplinary action.