China Focus Group

Our focus group China advises on all aspects of inbound and outbound business with China as well as litigation and arbitration involving Chinese parties.

The group was established in 2010 in order to provide expert legal services to Chinese clients and other clients in relation to China. Our attorneys are experienced in all types of cross-border transactions and understand the Chinese culture and ways of negotiating and closing business. Based on our long track record as a globally active Swiss law firm, we have built broad and trusted long-term connections in the Switzerland–China relationship. It guarantees uncomplicated, efficient and effective support to our clients. We offer assistance in projects related to China during all phases. Our involvement encompasses establishing the right contacts, tactical and negotiation support, and taking the lead in M&A and capital market transactions. Furthermore, we advise on international taxes, real estate, financial services, competition matters and intellectual property rights, and represent our clients in lawsuits and proceedings with a Chinese angle.

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