Arbitration in Switzerland becomes even more practical


Arbitration in Switzerland is always a good choice. As of yesterday, this is even more true!

On March 1, 2023, the Swiss Arbitration Centre launched the Practice Note to the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration (click here to download), which clarifies how arbitration proceedings are administered in practice.

The Practice Note has been drafted by a task force composed of members of the Court of Arbitration and the Secretariat. It is a comprehensive document which mirrors the structure of the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration, also providing hands-on examples when appropriate. Thanks to this effort, all users can easily understand what can happen at each stage of the arbitration proceedings.

As summarized by Xavier Favre-Bulle, President of the Arbitration Court, the Practice Note is «a key tool that provides answers to most questions that arise regarding the concrete application of the Swiss Rules by the Swiss Arbitration Centre».

The Practice Note represents a further milestone in the Swiss Arbitration Centre’s constant pursuit: making arbitration in Switzerland always more efficient and easier to navigate for all users.

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