Homburger partner Claudia Suter honored with «Lawyer of the Year – Gold» award at Citywealth's 2023 Magic Circle Awards

We are pleased to announce that Homburger partner Claudia Suter has been honoured with the «Lawyer of the Year – Gold» award at the 2023 Citywealth Magic Circle Awards.

For over 17 years Citywealth’s Magic Circle Awards have been attracting the leading professionals from the top firms, recognising the achievements of the industry during the past year.

Citywealth was founded in 2005 with the purpose of bringing together ultra-high net worth clients and their advisers and managers working in the private wealth sector. Citywealth achieves this with a mixture of publications, events, networking groups and interviews with leading experts to bring together different segments of the market to develop contacts, build business and raise information and standards in the sector.