Homburger Further Strengthens Partnership with DeepJudge

Homburger will further strengthen its long-standing development partnership with DeepJudge after having been using DeepJudge Search throughout the firm for over a year. The adoption rate has been remarkable, with more than 80% of Homburger’s legal professionals incorporating it into their workflow and a level of engagement that is unparalleled compared with other legal tech tools at the firm.

DeepJudge Search connects our firm’s legal experts with our extensive internal data repositories and know how. The tool excels at interpreting the intent of search queries and delivering the most relevant information from our vast array of documents in a multitude of languages. The platform’s advanced classification capabilities have brought an unprecedented level of granularity to our management system. This intelligent, automated classification enhances efficiency and ensures that the firm’s collective expertise is instantly available to our experts and fully leveraged across all our service offerings and other LegalTech and AI tools.

«DeepJudge is a cornerstone technology within our tech stack, empowering our professionals daily and on top of that enhancing the capabilities of Generative AI,» remarks David Oser, partner at Homburger. «Having onboarded a variety of Generative AI tools, we recognize that to fully harness their potential, it is essential that we can first retrieve the relevant data that feeds into them. DeepJudge is outstanding in this regard and has become the essential gateway for all new tools and our internal data.»

In our continuing partnership with DeepJudge, Homburger will focus on supporting the platform’s further development. The goal is to further enhance DeepJudge’s value for our legal professionals, including through a seamless integration into our tech stack and optimizing the efficiency of our daily work.

«Homburger, as a leading Swiss law firm, has been an amazing partner to us. It is wonderful to collaborate with firms that actively strive to innovate and embrace technology, all with the ultimate goal of providing the best services and the most sound advice to their clients,» says Paulina Grnarova, CEO and co-founder of DeepJudge.