Homburger elects Managing Partner

Homburger has elected Heinz Schärer, the Head of its Corporate Practice Team, as its Managing Partner. Peter Widmer will remain the firm’s Senior Partner.Homburger’s 25 partners have elected Heinz Schärer as their Managing Partner for a three year term. Heinz Schärer (51) is one of the most experienced Swiss corporate and M&A lawyers. The newly created function of Managing Partner will include to a large extent the responsibilities previously exercised by the Senior Partner. Heinz Schärer will continue to serve as the Head of Homburger’s Corporate and Transactional Practice Team. Heinz Schärer has been serving on the firm’s strategy committee since 1991.Peter Widmer (64) has been acting as Senior Partner since 1997. He will continue to play an active part both as partner of the Financial Services Practice Team as well as in his Senior Partner function. His main responsibilities as Senior Partner will be to manage certain key relations of the firm and specific internal tasks.Peter Widmer said: “We wanted to rejuvenate the firm’s management by this move. I am very happy that Heinz Schärer has accepted to assume the function of Managing Partner and to take responsibility for strategic management. He has the full support of the partnership. Having both a Managing and a Senior Partner is not a departure from our principle of lean management. We feel, however, that it is important for us to focus even more on strategy in the upcoming years. I am confident that Heinz Schärer’s experience as Head of our Corporate Practice Team and as long time member of our strategic committee will make him an excellent Managing Partner.”Heinz Schärer said: ” It is a fascinating challenge for me to take the responsibility for Homburger’s strategic management. Homburger has been a very dynamic firm in the past and I am confident that we will be able to keep up this momentum in an increasingly competitive environment both internationally and in Switzerland. Homburger is very happy that Peter Widmer has decided to serve another term in the function of a Senior Partner. This will help to provide for a smooth transition to the next generation in our partnership.”