Art at Homburger

Each of the eight floors occupied by Homburger in the Prime Tower carries the specific handwriting of one or more artists and provides for a unique atmosphere.

In view of the move to the Prime Tower in 2011, Homburger commissioned numerous well known national and international artists to uniquely design the individual floors. This art in architecture complements the collection of concept and minimal art which was already displayed in Homburger's meeting rooms on Weinbergstrasse.

Even though the works of art are very different, as a whole they provide for a stringent and coherent overall concept (curator: Ulrich Gerster).


Olafur Eliasson specifically conceived a lighting object for Homburger. The Lamp of urban expectations, which provides for a fascinating interplay of transparency, reflections, light, and color, characterizes the reception area on the 31st | 32nd floor.

Image_Sol LeWitt_klein

Sol LeWitt's six-part wall painting Wavy Horizontal Bands of Color on the floors 31, 30 and 25, which was already displayed at Homburger's previous offices and over-painted in view of the move, was newly applied in the Prime Tower. The wall painting is the point of origin and connection for the wall works of the other artists.


Hans Danuser visualized the phenomenon of counting-out rhymes; six languages ribbons of words fill the walls of the 29th floor.


At seven points of crossing on the 28th floor, Beat Zoderer created seven partially unfolded masses of color. The five glossy and mirroring surfaces of each cubical form extend across walls, cabinets, ceilings and floors.


Katharina Grosse's abstract spray painted works cover the walls, cabinets and ceilings of the 27th floor and create a three-dimensional picture landscape.


On the 26th floor (north), the art duo Lang | Baumann applied intersecting colored bands that weave together into an impenetrable network which in form and color resemble the architecture of the Prime Tower.

Christian Kathriner_klein

On the 26th floor (south), Christian Kathriner fixed more than 600 white stucco crystals to the walls and ceilings so to speak as a multiplication of the Prime Tower's exterior form.

Glen Rubsamen_klein

Glen Rubsamen's work In Love With What Vanishes, a declaration of love to the beauty of the world and the transience of life, forms the conclusion on the 25th floor.