Homburger partners with DeepJudge to leverage AI-powered Knowledge Search for trustworthy generative models.

Homburger has deployed DeepJudge’s Knowledge Search as its enterprise search engine following a successful pilot. DeepJudge is an AI-first company that connects legal professionals to their internal documents using natural language.

Homburger chose DeepJudge’s Knowledge Search for its effortless knowledge retrieval experience, which blends the capabilities of semantic and keyword search, and is powered by the company’s cutting-edge and proprietary technology. The tool is built to handle sensitive legal data with absolute privacy – no information is shared with external third parties and existing security protocols are respected. DeepJudge offers automatic integration of Knowledge Search with Homburger’s document management systems via a secure single sign-on and all native ethical walls and access permissions are maintained. Performance of the search has been fine-tuned on our internal enterprise data. Additionally, each document is automatically classified into an extensive taxonomy for easy filtering and AI-predicted tags enrich existing metadata.

«For many years, we’ve been looking for a search engine that allows us to reuse our internal knowledge effectively. With DeepJudge’s Knowledge Search, we have found an excellent solution that can navigate millions of internal documents intuitively with natural language, which relieves us from hours of identifying and retrieving relevant information using slow and error-prone keyword searches. We are also working with DeepJudge on developing trustable generative models by using Knowledge Search as a foundation.» shared David Oser, Partner in M&A at Homburger.

«We have been working with the DeepJudge team over the last year to help shape the product and are very pleased to be able to now deploy Knowledge Search, a platform that is very much tailored to our needs. We see great benefits in leveraging technology to empower our attorneys to do their best work. This helps us to continuously deliver high-quality and efficient performance for our clients and attract the new generation of talent,» added Andreas Müller, Partner in M&A at Homburger.

Paulina Grnarova, CEO and co-founder of DeepJudge, shared, «Homburger is known in the legal industry for their tech-forward approach when it comes to attorney experience. We’re excited to be a part of their journey by delivering highly secure and scalable solutions that ultimately improve productivity and business impact.»

About DeepJudge

DeepJudge, an AI-first company, enables legal professionals to find and navigate their firm’s collective knowledge using natural language. DeepJudge was founded by Paulina Grnarova, Kevin Roth and Yannic Kilcher, all ex-Googlers with PhDs in Artificial Intelligence from ETH Zurich. The team brings advanced Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning capabilities to the legal domain, enabling attorneys to spend their efforts on high-impact strategic work. DeepJudge is committed to offering solutions that are semantic, scalable and secure.