Restructuring | Insolvency


Homburger has a team of proven specialists in restructuring and bankruptcy law, which regularly advises and represents clients in corporate and financial restructurings and refinancings.

Bankruptcy proceedings

The team has successfully conducted a whole variety of insolvency proceedings and has considerable experience in counseling and party representation. The practice team also provides reliable assistance with bankruptcy law-related matters, such as transaction structuring, restructuring and asserting contested claims.


The Restructuring and Refinancing team specialists apply their broad knowledge of preventive bankruptcy-related matters under corporate, commercial, banking and finance matters for devising innovative solutions to prevent bankruptcy. It has gained also considerable experience in advising on matters related to resolution and similar plans of financial institutions.

The Restructuring | Insolvency unit's core competencies at a glance

  • Preventive bankruptcy-related analysis, structuring and advice
  • Corporate and financial restructurings
  • Resolution and emergency plans and related regulatory advice
  • Advising affected companies and creditors in insolvency and restructuring proceedings
  • Representing parties in proceedings relating to the schedule of claims, surrender, voidability objections and appeals in conjunction with insolvency proceedings
  • Representing parties in proceedings concerning the recognition of foreign bankruptcy orders and coordination between foreign and domestic bankruptcy proceedings of corporates and financial institutions