Employment Law


Homburger has a multidisciplinary team of proven employment law specialists. The lawyers in the practice group each focus on one of the following areas: legal transactions, litigation, tax and social security law.

Restructuring and reorganization

In connection with the restructuring and reorganization of companies, complex problems often arise in relation to employee transfers, staff reductions, contract amendments and severance schemes.

Manager contracts

Drawing up contracts for managers can turn into a highly complex task and requires specific experience, in particular in highly regulated industries or listed companies. The issues encountered include developing compensation packages and post-contract non-compete covenants.

Employee participation programs

The practice group has particular expertise in developing employee participation programs and variable compensation systems. Such incentive systems may include stock, option, cash and capital components, the structure of which is continuously adapted to market conditions and the regulatory environment.

Representing employers in employment law disputes

One of the practice group’s particular areas of expertise is conducting litigation in employment law proceedings, often in conjunction with employee participation programs.

Privacy and protection of trade secrets | IP rights

Issues relating to data protection and personal rights always play a key role in hiring, drafting contracts and during the term of employment, for example during internal investigations. The practice group offers advice in all of these areas as well as on issues relating to confidentiality and protecting intellectual property rights.