Founded in 1957, Homburger quickly became a significant Swiss corporate law firm.

Homburger's history began in 1957, when Professor Eric Homburger founded the law firm in Zurich. The firm rapidly developed and today employs approximately 150 lawyers and tax experts.

For many years, Homburger formed part of a larger international law firm. However, in the early 1990s, Homburger left this alliance and has since remained independent. This deliberate decision now allows Homburger to work with the leading foreign law firms in all jurisdictions and fields in order to bring together the best legal advice for its clients.

Eric Homburger was one of the first lawyers to consistently unite his academic activities with a commercial legal practice. Our law firm remains loyal to this model: the majority of our lawyers are also active in academia and contribute, whether in doctrine or in publications, to the development of the law.